The Beginning:

KeyMat was originally derived from the question: “How to facilitate health and wellness in the workplace.” It evolved into a helpful, stylish work-mat for your home and workplace.


How it works:


KeyMat uses electric currents to track where you’re standing; it then feeds those signals into the computer to tell you how many calories you are burning over the course of the day.


The electronics are mainly made up of thin copper tape that is adhered to the EVA foam interior of the mat. Two strips of copper tape are held apart by a thin PVC sheet with holes so that when no one is using the mat, the mat does not track. When you step on the mat, it depresses under your foot and pushes the two copper tape pieces together; this completes the circuit. By using this simple “switch” method of detection, the mat can be slim and comfortable.




The exterior of the mat is a stiff, black leather cover that feels comfortable and tactile on the user’s feet. The headboard of KeyMat is what houses all of the electrical components. It is made of a dense Bubinga wood which is heavier than plywood. This allows the KeyMat stays in place under your desk.


A strip of LEDs is mounted under the lip of the headboard to notify the user when the mat is on and when it is reading pressure.




KeyMat is controlled using a simple Desktop App.

AppSetUp Popup Pages

Interface Pop Up Pages

When you first load the app, a friendly interface helps you set up the KeyMat. Next, you enter your personal information so that the KeyMat can accurately calculate the amount of calories that you burn over the course of a day.

Interface Working


The app uses the information from the KeyMat to show you where you are standing. The center circle tracks how many calories you are burning as well as how long you have been standing. The outer ring represents your progress in fulfilling your own personal goals, which you can modify in the app at any time.

Graphs Page

The app also places your progress on a line graph to easily see how many calories you are burning over the course of a day as well as when you spend the most time sitting versus standing.

Want to see KeyMat in action?